Relaxation with hypnosis

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take your hand and I’m going to shake it four times 1—2—3—4 just like that. The first time I shake your hand, your eyes are going to want to close down, and that’s fine.
The second time, they’re going to feel heavier. The third time, just close them down all the way and the fourth time, just relax completely. Very cool.
So what I want you to do right now is first, take a deep breathe in and exhale. That’s very good. Take another deep breath in. Good. The first time I shake your hand, your eyes are going to begin to close down. The second time, go ahead and let them begin to close down. That’s it. Close down all the way. Just relax completely. That’s it all the way down.
I’m going to talk to the audience while I’m sitting here swinging your arm around.
What I’m doing is I’m telling him exactly what to do. So pay attention because what I’m doing is I’m also, as I’m doing this, I want to make sure that he’s loose, limp and relaxed just like an old wet rag, like an old doll. Okay? If this arm is still tight, I’m going to still work it out and say there you go, just relax it all. Just let it go.
Now, why do I say take some deep breaths? Because
U Breath is the key to relaxation. 0 Relaxation is the key to suggestion. U Suggestion is the key to hypnosis.
So now we’ve got him nice and relaxed. This is what I like to do. You walk up to the person — this is just waking hypnosis nothing more, nothing less. You can turn this into an induction. Basically, it’s already an induction. He’s already gone. You just say good, just sleep, all the way down. Learn more at and
Then, of course, your leg is always braced back here — your back leg — because you don’t want him to fall over. No matter how little you are, you just use that back leg as leverage. Just tighten it up so you’re always there. Of course, if you’re a guy or gal, make sure you’re not getting whacked because it just doesn’t look good. It’s inappropriate, so I say it in jest, but at the same time, this is a serious thing too.
Okay. Have a seat. I’ll take one more person very quickly. Sure, come on up. It’s the same thing. Find somebody. Oh, you looked stressed out. This is what you do. You walk up to somebody — this is a waking suggestion, and this works very good if you’re out there and you walk into a restaurant or into a store. People are stressed out to the max. They’re overloaded and overstimulated with everything that’s going on out there. If I could show you a way to relax in less than a minute you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Learn more at
Of course you would. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take your hand and shake it. I’m going to shake your hand four times. The first time I do, your eyes are going to want to close down.The second time, your eyes are going to want to close down even further. The third time, just let them close down, and The fourth time, just relax completely.

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