Transcribe-It is an expanding MP3 to text medical transcription and consulting consortium offering our services to physicians, clinics and hospitals throughout the nation and in fact, the world. A dedicated group of experienced professionals able to handle all of your transcription & technology needs. We work in all WordPerfect versions 5.1 and up on PC based Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 operating systems. Each consortium member has a personal workstation, equipped with both standard and micro-cassette MP3 to text transcription machines.

All work is backed-up and stored in fire proof lock boxes. This affords us the ability to fax or E-mail you a transcript copy if replacement is ever needed, for any reason.

We offer a 1-800 number for dial up dictation as well as Fedex drop off and return upon request. Of course, if you prefer, completed work is available to be delivered directly to your office via E-mail or fax. All work is thoroughly proofread and spell checked, using the latest in standard and medical spell-checking programs, as well as a complete library of reference materials.

Are you having problems keeping up with your back-office medical record requirements? Transcribe-it provides you with the ability to keep up with your growing client lists without all of the expensive office space and/or equipment too! — No time, money or frustration spent training a new employee! — No Social Security taxes, health and/or life insurance! — No worker’s compensation, unemployment or retirement benefits to pay! You pay for the transcription only! With us there is no sick pay, holiday pay, or vacation pay!

Let us help you with your growth problems and save your bottom line!

We provide accurate, confidential MP3 to text transcription services at a lower cost to you. Pay only for the printed word. No benefit packages, employer taxes, or down-time. No more temporary workers to help with the overload. We’ll do it for you!

Our high-quality MP3 to text transcription services will satisfy all of your transcription needs. We are fully committed to our clientele and understand the concern some have regarding these issues. As medical record keepers, we must maintain the same level of confidentiality that is required of you. All of our work is done without the patient records ever leaving your office, and all of our back-up materials are kept in secure lock boxes. We have a separate and secured Web transaction site for your secured transaction needs.

To avoid any misunderstanding between us and our clients, we clearly explain our definition of a line, word, and/or character. This may include or exclude spaces, attribute codes, hard returns, hard pages, headers, footers, footnotes, end notes, and merge codes.

This definition was defined by the American Association of Medical Transcription.

Character: “The character includes all letters, numbers, symbols, and function keys(including, but not limited to, the space bar, carriage return, underscore, all characters contained within a macro, headers, and footers)”

Word: “Five(5) characters (using the above definition of characters)”

Line: “Sixty-five(65) characters (using the above definition of characters)”

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