The Beirut city has long been the party capital of Lebanon, from its swinging 60s heyday as the playground of the international jet set to its more recent resilience after years of conflict.

Beirut has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to bars, clubs and pubs, and plenty of would-be patrons ready to enjoy them whatever day of the week it is. Competition for clients is fierce, so friendly service, low prices and interesting entertainment is the norm. Beirut nightlife means all night out, with party-goers getting home well after the sun comes up.


Here are my top 5 Beirut nightclubs:

White Beirut

Lebanese nightlight first met White in 2006 becoming the ultimate chic playground for upscale party-goers. This rooftop hotspot, located on Dora’s sea road highway, offers delicious cocktails, luxurious VIP bottle service and live sets from DJs and performers from around the world. White Beirut has to be my favourite club in Beirut.

SkyBar Beirut

A must-see destination to locals and tourists alike, SkyBar was ranked the world’s best bar in 2009 and since has hosted some of the biggest names in the international entertaining industry setting it apart from all other Middle Eastern nightlife destinations. It is possibly the hardest nightclub to get into so make sure you make a reservation months in advance.

Pier 7 Beirut

Pier 7 is a symbol of innovation, creativity and inspiration, offering the most advanced services in hospitality and events that will revolutionize the party scene. Its design that almost looks like an coliseum on the booming coastal vicinity brings the best food in the city together under one roof, with evening bar pleasure and club entertainment. It is a destination like no other, offering its VIP patrons a line up of entertainment ranging from fashion shows and performances and A-list stars and celebrities broadcasted on two big LED screens.

Taiga Sky Batroun

Located on the roof top of San Stephano Resort in Batroun (North of Lebanon), Taiga Sky is more of a local club as opposed to a city central club, where you’ll probably fork out 50% of what you’re expected to at SkyBar or White Beirut for example. Definitely the place to go if you’re running low on funds and want to have an enjoyable night.


It’s the Rooftop that everyone is talking about! We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about it and we just can’t wait to see it when it finally opens. Hailing from Montreal, BLVD 44 is now growing roots in Lebanon’s massive nightlife scene with a fantastic seaside location just outside Beirut, on the Jal El Dib Seaside Road. BLVD 44 is not just any new rooftop in Beirut and it’s not just a new location for a club, it’s a transformation of nightlife in the city that never sleeps. The open air rooftop club is set to open with big bang on May 18th, so prepare to change the way you club this summer season and be ready for one fabulous launch party.

But while there’s plenty for bar and club fans to enjoy, the reverse is true for classical music and dance enthusiasts. Beirut’s theatres offer a pretty uninspiring repertoire of political debates and poetry readings as well as plays (some good, some terrible) by local talent.

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